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Spectrum Features

Acuity Charts

Astigmatism tests

Astigmatism tests
Traditional astigmatism JCC tests combined with various options to assist in poorer BVA's. At a glance tests like Fan & Block are most useless in saving time and improving patient understanding.

Binocular vision tests

Binocular vision tests
With over 20 binocular vision tests to choose, clinical tutorial videos and a team of resident optometrists to assist, it couldn't be easier

Fixation targets & Images

Fixation targets & Images
You know how difficult it is to perfrom retinoscopy on a child. With 9 image and fixation target catagories to choose from, distance fixation is easy and also impressive!

Visual Acuity

Visual Acuity
LogMAR, Snellen, 3line, row, column, single view all with 8 optotypes. Overlay duochrome masks and randomize to stop patient recall and so much more...

Low Vision Testing

Low Vision Testing
Visual Acuity measuring up to 20/2000 in 8 optotypes with randomisation ensures your results are accurate and perfectly scaled to the patient viewing distance.

Duochrome Test

Duochrome Test
Packed with the traditional duochrome balancing tests to the latest in digital standards, duochrome balancing is quicker and simpler than ever before.

VA Charts
LogMarVA sizing calibrated to room length Multiple notations for all charts in either feet, metres, decimal, etc.
Customised VA notation on left hand side and right hand side of each chart
Snellen7 Optotypes included, all confirming to international scientific standards , including British, American, E’s, C’s, numbers, symbols and modern day kids pictures.
3 LineAvoids crowding and speeds up patient responses.
Perfect for Low Vision examinations with VA sizing greater than 20/600.
EDTRSThe Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study.
The global standard for diabetic VA assessment, with several optotypes and new digital functionality, including scotopic sensitivity testing.
DuochromeContrast sensitivity reduction

Single Letter
Double Spacing
Infra Red Remote
Touch Screen
Mobile devices: Apple, Android, Windows

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Spectrum instantly modernizes the practice.

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