Ocumail is an eyecare report packed with diagnostic and product information, tailored and sent from your practice to your patient after their visit.

Educating your patients with professional, custom information has never been this easy. Ocumail already has the latest diagnostic and product information available to you. Along with custom branded recalls your patients will feel informed and empowered with their purchasing decisions. Building patient loyalty is quick and easy leaving you with more time to do what you love.

The Ocumail report is generated directly after the consultation. The patient receives this directly from your practice explaining in layman terms with images about the tests you have performed and any conditions that might exist for that particular patient. Including the prescribed product information adds tremendous insight for your patient to better understand the benefits of the lens, design, coatings that you have prescribed. This leads to informed decision making and patients are happier with their spend. There is also some basic information regarding general eye care and the importance of having regular checkups and eye examinations.

These reports are sent directly from your practice with all your practice details, logo, cover banner and branding. The information included is clinically referenced and comprehensive enough to avoid the need for patients to look else where online. Ocumail is a great way for the patient to explain to their spouse or partner what procedures were performed and the need for the products prescribed.

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