Specialized Tests

Spectrum offers you a bank of specialized tests that are easily built into your routine. These tests can assist you in making your diagnosis. We are in the digital era and consumers expect, and quite rightly demand more from optometrists as the changing world puts greater demands on the visual systems. We at Spectrum have met these challenges head on, by developing tests to measure, categorize, refine and monitor changes that occur.

The Spectrum Contrast sensitivity test can detect a drop or change in a patients vision long before there is a drop in VA. The Colour Vision Screener can categorize colour deficiencies and demonstrate to family or friends what the patient sees while looking at specific colours. Our Hess Screen is able to measure and record binocular anomalies in nine different directions of gaze, for monitoring progressions of deviations. The worlds first Aneisokonia test is able to assist you in balancing magnification issues. This is particularly useful where any sudden changes occur, in either the sphere, cyl, or even the cyl axis.

Not quite sure on how to use these specialised tests? we've got that covered too, with our video tutorials or setup an online training session with one of our resident optometrists. What could be simpler?   

Included Tests
HESS EOM Testing
Colour Vision
Stereo Aquity
Contrast Sensitivity
Foveal Grid 

Specialized & Auxillary tests