Ease of Use

We understand how extensively our software is used within the consultation room, that's why we've made it so simple!

Using either a standard wireless mouse, the SR-2 remote control, keyboard, iPhone or just about any Android mobile device you've got all the control you would ever need to do just about anything. The choice is yours...

Many of our users, claim to have been computer illiterate who are completely comfortable using Spectrum to perform consultation in less than five minutes. 

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The widest variety of aquity tests and charts

Equipped with the widest variety of optotypes, chart layouts and packed with additional features, Spectrum improves test reliability resulting in less comebacks and more time saved. Setup your own sequence and letter size is precisely calibrated according to screen size and viewing distance. All VA screens are available in LogMAR, Snellen and 3 Line layouts in any of seven different optotypes. Screen layouts include full screen, row column and single letter view. 8 different language commands allow you to test in the patient’s own language.

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Clarity dispensing tools

Demonstrate all possible lens options to your patient using the patented ‘CLARITY' dispensing tool. The interactive application allows you to simulate various lens designs and coatings within real life environments and showcase these advantages to the patient. Export the prescribed product directly into your in house order system at the click of a button, saving time and avoiding duplication errors. 

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Livehelp New

We love to help

We are a real company, with real people!

Our resident optometrists offer training and assistance to improve your understanding on performing any of the clinical tests and features offered with Spectrum Eyecare. 

If you are looking to improve and grow your business, get in touch with our business consultants who specialize in exactly that. Or simply contact our 24 hour International Call Center and let our technical gurus assist you. 

Whatever it is, our team is here to assist you getting the very best out of our products. 

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Group Content Management

Product images and brand information can be integrated into the screensaver and other credible points within the digital eye examination experience. Showcase specific brands and products relevant to your practice thereby informing your patient of any relevant products, product demonstrations or special promotions right there in the consultation room.

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Group Content


Stay connected to your patients through their digital devices with Ocumail. Automated one-on-one direct patient communication is a proven method of greater recall success, leading to better care and better business. 

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Specialized Testing

Studies show that consumers are 73% more likely to return to a practitioner based on the quality of the eye exam alone. By using any of the specialized cross reference refraction tests, you can save time in consultation and leave the patient feeling impressed and more confident in your findings. Spectrum is packed with more specialized diagnostic and ocular disease management tools than any other digital eye examination system on the world market.  

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Specialised Tests
Info Center

Info Centre HD

Patient education is made easy with our extensive patient information centre. Boost your level of professionalism with visual and video demonstrative tools that assist in the explanation of eye anatomy and pathology. Eyecare educational materials encourage increased patient understanding of the importance of eyecare. Illustrate diagnostic complexities with confidence, thereby building relationships with patients and cultivating patient loyalty.

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