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Keep your brand


The Spectrum eye examination software system is unique in that it offers so much more than just an eye examination experience for the patient. You can also incorporate informative optical brand campaigns at credible points to showcase these to your patient. Examples of this are; EyeMail, our patient Information Centre and Clarity dispensing tool.

These are unobtrusive and credible environments within the eye examination experience with unprecedented benefits for your practice, such as:

  • Encourages dialogue and product discussions with your patient
  • Enables you to showcase new or existing products and brands
  • Educates your patient on the benefits of particular products, resulting in increased post consultation purchases.
  • The ability to place your practice as ‘state of the art’ , as you will be able to showcase products to your patient via a visual demonstration; i.e. a particular lens technology or the capability of a photochromic lens. This results in increased product understanding that is not reliant on dialogue or brochure material only. Impactful visuals, video and other dynamic presentation tools can all be added into the programme. These can be featured within the screensaver or simply activated by the eyecare practitioner at the click of a button.

Here at Spectrum Eyecare we understand that the future is not not only reliant on our professional ability as Optometrists but also on the aspect of running a successful business practice. It is therefore essential that we get comfortable with engaging with our patients on product features and benefits.

The consultation room provides an essential platform for building loyalty and credibly presenting possible optical product options to our patients. Today’s consumer is widely researched and we need to ensure we are at the forefront of the brand and product information they require. We have designed our system with this in mind, and our Content Management system supports this process entirely.

Did You Know?

With the Spectrum software installed on a laptop you can perform eye examinations just about anywhere.

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