Ethics in optometry

The information in this article is based on the ethical and professional rules of the Health Professions Council of South Africa as promulgated in the Government Gazette R717/2006.

A practitioner should always respect a patient’s confidentiality, privacy, choices and dignity. It is vital that all ... Read more

How important is technology in business and what are the benefits

Technology is continuously improving, it’s everywhere and you are always in contact with it. 

As innovation continues to progress and add even more benefits to our lives, there is a need to stress how beneficial it is to business. When you think of ... Read more

Spectrum is moving forward

Spectrum moving forward and what you need to know

Digital Optometry announce the global release of Spectrum v6.0.5 today, following their recent server update last night. The latest version includes new Alcon education content and allows for greater customisation of user preferences. Some of the ... Read more

New Spectrum v6 Windows 10 Ready

New Spectrum v6.0 - So much more than acuity charts

Digital Optometry announce the global release of Spectrum v6.0 today, following their recent posts on social media last night. The latest version promises to deliver on more than acuity charts, with the inclusion of Alcon contact lens ... Read more

Another first for Spectrum Eyecare software

BV Testing re-invented

Effective consultation time management lays the foundation of income generation in the modern day optometric retail practice. The new patient has already started formulating a decision to return to the practice whilst sitting in the waiting room chair. ... Read more

Spectrum v5.8 featuring Eyemail v.2.0

Spectrum Eye care software v 5.8 release - New Eyemail included for Premium users

As part of our ongoing commitment to our Spectrum users, Eyemail v.2.0 has expanded to meet the requirements of your patient's needs. Additional categories and information is now accessible to educate ... Read more

Spectrum Eyecare v5.7 Info Centre HD

Spectrum Eyecare software v5.7 - Info Centre HD

I recent years, monitor displays have all moved into a widescreen aspect ratio and non-wide displays have become totally obsolete. In line with these technology changes, we have re-engineered the entire patient information centre to ... Read more

Advanced Visual Acuity

Improve your understanding of visual acuity measurement and find how simple it is to use LogMAR or VAS as the preferred method of VA scoring. Sure 20/20 and 6/7.5+2 are still commonly accepted, but read below to find out why the way VA is scored is changing.  


There are many ... Read more

Spectrum Eyecare v5.6 release

Spectrum Eyecare software v5.6 - A new standard in diabetic management

Spectrum Eyecare software v5.6 includes the global standard in diabetic vision assessment with the inclusion of the ETDRS charts. The digitization of the original charts used in the 'Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy ... Read more

Spectrum Eyecare v5.5 release

The launch of Digital Optometry's Spectrum Eyecare software website includes a comprehensive array of digital eye examination software solutions and various additional specialised tests, video tutorials and downloads, is offering its new 'HESS EOM test' available as a free download to all eye ... Read more

Spectrum v5.4 packed with new features

After more than two years in R & D, the long awaited Contrast Sensitivity Test has expanded on the current Contrast Sensitivity screening tests, providing improved functionility and better monitoring of early diseas processes to the practitioner. The Contrast Sensitivity Test ... Read more

Spectrum v5.1 leads the global optometric software market

The latest feature in Spectrum, Eyemail, aims to improve an understanding among the public regarding the importance of a regular eye examinations. The auto-mailer, which is currently only accessible to Spectrum Pro clients, enables the examiner to send a ... Read more

SAOA Spectrum Eye Care Competition Winner Announcement

The South African Optometric Association has partnered with Spectrum Eye care to bring you the latest in Optometric Innovation.

By updating your details on the SAOA database you could stand a chance of winning the award-winning Spectrum Eyecare Pro licence, 20" Samsung ... Read more

Win with Digital Optometry and the Optometric Association

Digital Optometry have partnered with the SA Optometric Association. By updating your details with the SAOA you stand a chance of winning our award-winning Spectrum Pro Licence PLUS screen and REMOTE worth over R5000 which includes the following as part of the PRO ... Read more


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