Why Spectrum

Why practitioners love Spectrum Eyecare 

Spectrum Eyecare isn’t just a box with a disc and a booklet inside. It’s an award winning innovation, the product of a team of one ophthalmologist, two optometrists, four designers, six  developers, two industry specialists and one business economist. It's 10 years of 9 hour workdays from a team of 10 experts. It’s over $5 million of pure innovation designed to give you the tools to be more successful as an eyecare practitioner. 

#8 Increase Your Average Patient Spend

Spectrum has a variety of graphics in the Info Centre, that you are able to use to describe a condition, or explain why a particular lens design, feature or enhancement is necessary for that particular patient. The Clarity feature offers a variety of real life simulations, that affords the patient an opportunity to make an informed decision on lens features and enhancements. Spectrum has a fully animated dispensing feature that will help the patient better understand the importance of lens add on like ARC and variable tint lenses; which will result in a increase in average patient spend.


“Spectrum is exactly what the industry has needed. Consumer education and understanding of the prescribed product is imperative in any selling process. The system initiates dialog between the Optometrist and their patient making prescribing the required lenses just that much easier.
With Spectrum, optometrists can show the key benefits of not only Transitions® but of high index and Anti Reflective coatings whilst patients are in consultation and in the waiting room, again making prescribing easier”

Armina Bedford
Business Manager Transition Optical

#7 Grow The Number Of New Patients

The power of word of mouth marketing. Perception created that the ECP is the best.

Spectrum instantly upgrades your examination room, and puts you right at the forefront of any technological advancements in eye examination. Patients are impressed and wowed by the Spectrum Eyecare experience. In this modern day and age, patients expect you to be up to date and constantly modernizing your practice... and then if you do, they tell everybody.

Spectrum is much more than just an acuity chart system; it’s also a business tool which helps you build a digital relationship with your patients which will strengthen patient loyalty and brand awareness.

The Spectrum EyeMail feature is your first step to creating a digital relationship with the patient. It sends an e-mail to the patient with graphics. It is an easy to understand summary of their eye conditions found during their eye examination, and motivational reasons for the products you have prescribed.


“Spectrum has closed the gap between patient and practitioner. I have many compliments and referrals”

Christina McGreggor
Spec-Savers Optometrist

#6 Has All The Diagnostic Tests You Would Ever Need

Spectrum has all the tests you will need, and new tests and features are automatically downloaded to your system as they are developed. Any new tests are tried and tested based on our user feedback, and research and development in collaboration with all the universities offering Optometry throughout South Africa, where Spectrum has a presence. All Spectrum test charts and features are clinical accurate conforming to the British & American Standards.

Prof Rasengane

“We’ve been using SPECTRUM since 2009; the tests include different VA targets, subjective refraction techniques, colour vision, contrast sensitivity and binocular vision. The VA targets are extensive and range from Snellen, LogMAR to child-friendly pictures and symbols. The fan and block test is also included in the system making it easier for lecturers to teach this. I not only recommend this product for the clinical examination of patients; it is a good clinical teaching tool that each student should be exposed to."

Professor Rasengane
Optometry Head at the FS University

#5 Perform Eye Examinations Anywhere

It’s completely portable. Installed on a laptop or a mobile tablet you can deliver any test, any feature in any location at the click of a button. By using the licence transfer feature you can simply transfer the licence from one computer to another. As a Spectrum user, you are now also able to advertise your practice as "wheelchair friendly".


"Spectrum software provides a completely portable solution to the optometric test, as all essential tests have been built into the portable laptop system. I just simply could not do my field work without it."

Cathy Franconi
Optometric Association

#4 Improve Eye Disease Management

Contrast sensitivity, color vision, randomisations explanation still to be added. The comprehensive info centre with high definition images and supporting videos showcasing product, health and other related eye-care information is available to educate and improve patient understanding. Combined with customizable take home printable brochures, your patients will leave feeling confident in your diagnosis and recommendations.


"I specifically like the randomize feature for patients with early cataracts or early AMD. I get accurate VA measurements which are useful to assess and monitor small changes. This helps detect early pathology. An excellent tool for any practice."

Dr. Dean Barclay

#3 Spectrum Is Simple To Use

The basic Upper Main, and lower Sub-menu system is very simple, and user friendly. When selecting any group of tests from the top menubar, the options available for that particular group are displayed on the lower menubar. It could not be easier.


“We are delighted to have Spectrum installed here at the University of Johannesburg. Student’s are benefitting immensely from its ease of use and it has so much more to offer than the conventional projector equipped lanes. The wide variety of tests far supersede any other eye testing system available. Our student’s continually compliment it’s technological innovation and enjoy using it immensely, which is evident from the demand for pre-booking the lanes where Spectrum is installed.”

Ansunel De La Rey
Academic Clinic Manager UJ University

#2 Cost Effective Best ROI

Simply installed on an off the PC, Laptop or Mac, Spectrum is easy to setup and requires no specialised medical equipment which avoids ongoing long-term maintence costs and downtime during consultation. Studies have shown that by using Spectrum Pro over other digital aquity chart technologies, patients return sooner and average spend per transaction increases, in some cases as much as 30%.

“I started using Spectrum almost 9 years ago and since then we’ve had many impressed happy patients. Recently we upgraded to Spectrum Pro and have seen a marked increase in revenue and positive feedback using Clarity and Eyemail. There is no doubt that Spectrum is by far the best investment we have made in our business”

Russell Meyer

#1 Your Clients Will Love You For It

There is simply nothing better than offering your patients the best in eyecare, it is at the heart of what we do. Your patients will appreciate the technology and innovation, the comfort and joy of the digital experience. They will notice the difference.

They are even likely to tell you "This is the best eye examination I have ever had.” We hear this all the time here at Spectrum eyecare. Don’t believe us. Some patients were put through the Spectrum eye examination experience recently and this is what they had to say…

Spectrum eyecare software product overview video

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