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Visual Acuity Charts


Spectrum Eyecare is visual acuity software that received 1st prize at the acclaimed International Visionary Awards in 2006.

Since then we have expanded globally and expanded our tests and charts. Book a free demo today.

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Spectrum Features

200 Diagnostic Charts

aquity tests and charts

200 Diagnostic Charts
Spectrum is packed with over 200 diagnostic digital visual acuity charts and ocular disease management tools more than any other digital acuity system on the world market. This includes - LogMar, Snellen, 3 Line and ETDRS visual acuity charts
University accredited and clinically accurate for superior eye examinations and to measure visual acuity.

Specialized Testing


Specialized Testing
Studies show that consumers are 73% more likely to return to a practitioner based on the quality of the eye exam alone.
By using any of the specialized visual acuity testing you leave the patient feeling impressed and more confident in your findings.

Anatomy & Pathology Explanations

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Anatomy & Pathology Explanations
Patient education is made easy with visual and video demonstrative tools that assist in the explanation of eye anatomy and pathology.
Illustrate diagnostic complexities with confidence, thereby building relationships with patients and cultivating patient loyalty.

Dispensing Tools


Dispensing Tools
Demonstrate all possible lens options to your patient using the patented ‘CLARITY' dispensing tool.
The interactive application allows you to simulate various lens designs and coatings within real life environments and showcase these advantages to the patient.

Proprietary Products

binocular tes

Proprietary Products
Contrast Sensitivity
Binocular Vision
and Prisms

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Boost profit and patient loyalty

Within the first three months of using Spectrum, users report an average increase in turnover of approximately 9.5%. Tools like Ocumail allow you to build digital relationships with clients outside the consultation room resulting in better product understanding, greater loyalty and improved recalls visits..

Elevate yourself from your competitors

Modernise your practice overnight at a fraction of normal revamp costs. Spectrum boosts loyalty and promotes word of mouth marketing amongst potentially new patients.

Extremely easy to use

Many of our users, claim to be computer illiterate and within five minutes of online training are completely comfortable using Spectrum to perform eye examinations. Use a standard wireless mouse or Spectrum remote to easily navigate through the software.

We're always here to help & support you

We are a real company, with real people! Our team of optometrists offer training and assistance to improve your understanding on performing any of the clinical tests and features offered with Spectrum Eyecare.

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