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    Any Questions?


    Why do I need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription when I can buy it once-off?
    Spectrum will continue to innovate and update each month. As Spectrum is the eye care practitioner’s primary eyecare tool the monthly fee is our guarantee that you are receiving the latest in digital eyecare technology and your practice is always supported. Spectrum Pro is constantly being updated with the latest diagnostic tests, product info, dispensing tools, patient information and news to ensure our users are constantly kept up to date. Like all software programs running on a Windows Operating System, Spectrum needs to be constantly updated to ensure the program functions correctly with any change made by Windows. In addition, when you upgrade your PC, so do we. The Spectrum Pro license includes an immediate transfer to the new machine at no charge.
    What happens when my laptop / computer crashes or if it gets stolen, do I lose my license?
    Not at all, in this event, we simply transfer your Spectrum Pro licence to your new machine. Should you have purchased Spectrum once-off or were on an older version a nominal transfer cost shall apply.
    Why should I pay an ongoing fee when I can just buy a standard projector?
    Apart from being vastly superior to a projector, you will now be equipped with all the tests to offer your patients with a much more comprehensive and efficient eye test. In addition, our content integrated into the system allows you to illustrate and educate your patients on a variety of lens types, enhancements and various pathological conditions. We update this continually.
    Why should I go Digital when I have been using the projector of many years?
    The projector is now perceived as technologically old and staid. We have chosen to lead the necessary digital advancement within Optometry. This is already clearly evident within the current rate of technological advancement within all aspects of our lives. The medical industry in general, has created a heightened awareness among consumers with regards to old technology. Extremely positive patient feedback continues to spur our development forward.
    Why should I pay monthly if I can pay per year, saving 33%?
    Most users prefer to take advantage of the Monthly payment option, as this is bundled with an attractive promotion and is easier on cash flow. For some, the annual option is more viable and the advantage of saving 33%.
    What happens when my computer system gets a virus and I’m unable to test?
    Most new PC’s these days are equipped with antivirus software and this software is also freely available on the web. However, should you be unable to test on your regular PC for any reason, we would recommend taking another PC from elsewhere in your practice, install Spectrum and within minutes you will be testing again.
    I use 1 Laptop between 2 practices; if I install Spectrum in one practice does that mean that I now have to buy a second laptop or computer?
    No you simply take spectrum with you on the laptop – you may just need a second monitor at each practice, or use the laptop at the testing distance, and use the remote, or mouse to control the program
    Who is going to do the hardware installation?
    The hardware can be installed by any reputable computer supplier – we have a spec sheet available for your supplier on request. We also have approved suppliers in most larger centres whom we hold to specific service levels – feel free to call our 24hr call centre for any assistance 0861 39 38 37
    Why should I buy Spectrum if I can buy a once-off stand alone system?
    Spectrum is completely portable, can be used on any hardware system, anytime, anyplace. As practicing optometrists ourselves we would find a hardware system far too limiting and risky due to potential system problems.
    What screen size should I use?
    You can use any screen size – just be sure to use 2 monitors that have the same resolution and aspect ratio. If in doubt, call our 24hr call centre (0861 39 38 37) who can assist you
    I sometimes leave the practice for 1 or 2 hours, I don’t want to turn the computer off and then restart it every time, so can I put Spectrum in sleep mode?
    The screensaver will activate and protect your screen – Spectrum will remain active in the background. Moving the mouse, or clicking any button on the remote will reactivate Spectrum.
    What is the norm of the Stereopsis Threshold test and to what should I compare it?
    The readout in the top left corner of the screen will give the stereoacuity measured in seconds of arc. In order to maintain accuracy, the value offered is linked to the room length you entered on setup. Normal stereopsis is approximately 30 to 40 seconds of arc.
    What do the numbers on the left and the right of the Contrast Sensitivity Test refer to?
    Due to the differing contrasts and brightnesses of the various monitors, and the option of adjusting these settings, it is not possible to accurately attach an exact value to contrast sensitivity without the use of a photocell or lightmeter. This by no means detracts from validity of the test. The values on the side of the screen are used as a guideline when recording the patient’s scores.
    I only use sequences, and I see that one can save a specific sequence, what are the best sequences for testing adults and children when using Spectrum?
    The sequences are customized to practitioner preference. From time to time we will offer preset sequences on the website.
    I want to utilize Spectrum in full, but I don’t know how to do all the tests within the software, does Digital Optometry provide product training or do they supply a training manual?
    An updated user manual is be available. This will be available for download to members. The F1 function button will offer help on whatever screen is loaded at the time
    Standard optometric tests will not change overnight, what new tests are you guys working on?
    There is always new variations to some of the standard tests. Some new tests are currently being trialed and tested by the universities, and the moment those tests are verified, these will be included to the monthly subscribers as an update. You will receive notification of new tests and features on the landing page, as well as on the website
    I do not have internet at my practice, can I use Spectrum offline and how am I going to update the software?
    Yes you are able to use Spectrum offline. We would advise that you update at least once a month, so as to be up to date with all the latest enhancements and program updates.
    What happens when I have any hardware difficulties, are the Digital Optometry guys going to come out and resolve the problem?
    We are always able to assist at any time from our 24hr call centre 0861 39 38 37, as well as offer live remote desktop support to assist and guide your hardware supplier in the rare event that should they require assistance
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      Ocumail allows me to educate my patients on specific eye care conditions by sending eye care information specific to each patient. Patients return more frequently and contact me regarding their eye health due to a product and condition specific recall system.

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