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Spectrum Features

Ease of Use

Simple Controls

Easy Navigation

Nothing could be easier than using or navigating around the Spectrum Eyecare program. You are able to control the Spectrum program with the Spectrum remote control, a mouse, Keyboard iPhone, iPad, or any android device. We have users claiming to be computer illiterate who are completely comfortable with the program after just 5 mins. The entire program consists of just 2 menus, a main menu along the top of the screen, and a submenu along the bottom. test for ease of use page

The menus appear when you hover over that area, and are hidden when you navigate away from the area. Whatever icon is selected on the top, will offer the options for that selection, along the bottom menu.

Rob Nettl

It’s quick and easy, only takes a few seconds to generate and send the report. Best of all is that my patients are returning more frequently, which has a very positive impact on my business financially. I regret not implementing this system sooner.

Rob Nettl
Optometrist, South Africa

Technical Demo