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Nevada Cloud was established to address the challenges and limitations of projector-based Optometry and the need to improve the service delivery mechanism within the eye care industry.

Our core Vision is the advancement of the optometric profession through the use of modern digital technology. Installed on any basic computer system, our eyecare software provides versatile solutions to eye care practitioner’s worldwide, delivering diagnostic testing, product information and streamlining administrative tasks. Our aim is to ultimately replace outdated systems whilst maintaining affordability and increasing patient care.

Our product, Spectrum Eyecare, received 1st prize at the acclaimed International Visionary Awards in 2006. Since then we have expanded globally. Since then we have continued to innovate. We now also offer integrated region-specific updates, up to eight language options, customizable products, medical information, new diagnostics tests, news feeds as well as electronic ordering processes and centralized data collation ability. Our commitment to research and development has kept us at the forefront of technology.
Within South Africa, Spectrum is used to examine over 40,000 patients monthly, thus ensuring Spectrum Eyecare is the most commonly used Optometric diagnostic software in the country. These numbers continue to grow, Spectrum continues to provide greater opportunities for organizations and suppliers to inform, educate and record patient information and thereby continued improved levels of patient care.

" Our commitment to research and development has kept us at the forefront of technology. "

Ranging from mobile practitioners looking for a cost effective alternative to deliver quality eye care, to private and franchise retail practitioners looking to improve profitability, the Nevada Cloud client base is both vast and varied. We have customized solutions to meet the needs of every practitioner and organization.

Our Mission

The Team, Networks

Our Mission

The Nevada Cloud Group is constantly striving for new and innovative ways to improve Optometry, for both patients and business owners.

The Team

Nevada Cloud is powered by a number of passionate individuals, all of whom have their roots and hearts in their fields of Optometric expertise. Co-founders Graham Chrich and Russell Meyer are qualified Optometrists who together, have over 40 years of extensive knowledge and experience within their respective fields. Our software support team enables us to offer 24 hour support around the Globe; unmatched by other Optometric Examination Systems.

Global Network

Nevada Cloud has an extensive network which started in South Africa and continues to expand across the globe. Having won the Visionary Award in 2006, Nevada Cloud has revolutionized the global optometric arena. By accessing our web page, eye care practitioners worldwide have the ability to download, register and trial the Spectrum eye testing solution. This undoubtedly sets our product apart in service delivery and support.

South African Network

In conjunction with the (our) 24 hour National Call Centre, we have the ability to offer remote desktop support to any Nevada Cloud client globally. Our local team encompasses sales representatives, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and IT specialists, who together ensure the streamlined nature of our company.


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