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Optometric Education & Social Responsibility

The Spectrum Eyecare digital eye testing solution is used by all top Optometric Universities in South Africa. We also donate our software to all undergraduate students, enabling them to perform comprehensive eye examinations anywhere anytime, with the use of a laptop computer. Whether on campus, at outside clinics or even in the most remote areas, students have the tools to provide the full range of diagnostic tests. In conjunction with the ability to deliver these tests, Spectrum ensures patient understanding by delivering the voice instructions in the patient’s home language through the laptop speaker system. Currently we have eight languages loaded onto the system.


Digital Optometry has responded to the need for quality eye-care within the welfare sector. Numerous meetings within the organization have been held to address this need, resulting in a proposal to provide free superior eye care to patients in remote and under developed areas. The Right2Sight organisation is currently using our software to conduct all refractive tests, monitor vision loss and educate patients on preventative eye diseases. Spectrum offers their software and services free of charge to Right2Sight.

Vision in Sight Trust

The Vision in Sight Trust is another non-profit organization supported by Digital Optometry. Established by the South African Optometric Association, it aims to facilitate the delivery of affordable, accessible and quality eye care to the indigent market. The Vision in Sight Trust recently hosted “Mandela Day”, which celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world and the ability to make an imprint one step at a time. Together with sponsor partners and volunteer optometrists, Vision in Sight Trust made a difference in the lives of 67 pensioners. Digital Optometry is proud to be associated with the SAOA and the Vision in Sight Trust. We are committed to ensuring that high quality eye care is not exclusive to the private sector.

Governmental Welfare

Digital Optometry remains committed to social intervention in poorer communities, utilizing technology which we believe has significant potential to bridge the divide; Digital Optometry is supportive of the Government’s community outreach initiatives in this regard and continues to lobby support within this sector.


On social responsibility

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