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Ease of Use

Our client's age range from 24 to 85 year old and all agree that Spectrum is very user-friendly.

Spectrum is easy to use; I was confident and comfortable using the software within ten minutes.

Rob Nettl - Pictured right

To operate the acuity software one can either use a standard wireless mouse or the Spectrum remote control. The choice is yours.

Also, we're always here to help & support our clients. We offer full product training and 24/7 assistance to make sure that you utilise the award-winning system to its full potential and take your business to the next level.

Three reasons why we've

made it so simple

Leane’ Cilliers

Ocumail allows me to educate my patients on specific eye care conditions by sending eye care information specific to each patient. Patients return more frequently and contact me regarding their eye health due to a product and condition specific recall system.

Leane' Cilliers

Technical Demo