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Ease of Use

Our client's age range from 24 to 85 year old and all agree that Spectrum is very user-friendly.

Spectrum is easy to use; I was confident and comfortable using the software within ten minutes.

Rob Nettl - Pictured right

To operate the acuity software one can either use a standard wireless mouse or the Spectrum remote control. The choice is yours.

Also, we're always here to help & support our clients. We offer full product training and 24/7 assistance to make sure that you utilise the award-winning system to its full potential and take your business to the next level.

Three reasons why we've

made it so simple

Professor Rasengane

We’ve been using SPECTRUM since 2009; the tests include different Visual Acuity targets, subjective refraction techniques, colour vision, contrast sensitivity and binocular vision. The Visual Acuity targets are extensive and range from Snellen, LogMAR to child-friendly pictures and symbols.  The fan and block test is also included in the system making it easier for lecturers to teach this. I not only recommend this product for the clinical examination of patients; it is a good clinical teaching tool that each student should be exposed to

Professor Rasengane

Technical Demo